Sifung 3rd edition(english)

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sfung 3rd edition


Pagan soul in hell’s lane

Pagan soul in hell’s lane,
Nirvana in vain, morality insane;
Petrify those souls of lame,
Angels futile and demons to claim;
Candles don’t lit in Devonian feat,
Oedipal birth for the sake of satanic meet,
Moussaka in dish,
Of the holy rigormortis;
Angels raped and mow to taste,
Screwed god time to take rest;
The prophecy herald that it won’t hark,
Its deep dead and time to hail the dark.


A child was born, uncanny towards the world,
Free from today’s roar amidst this sore core
Died many years ago the love that he shared
But born again and again, the anger, seldom bites others
But jaw breaks him within till his marrow bones shatter.
A life he had to live and then leave.
So fed up he was, disappeared
Just left the tomb behind, written on it RIP
Still, withered were not the leaves but the skin on his body
Deprived of life it slept sore under the soil
Competing to be a carcass left devoured by the scavengers
It rots and rots away to become dust once again.

The poet in me is no more

I can’t write any more,

My words have dried,
But those unfinished somber lines never cried;
The nib had broken with no drop to flow,
The ink was red with the wet wings on for its last glow;

The time had come to fly,
And get locked in that celestial closet,
For the old wickeds had planned there to tame the rotten rat;

No wonder bliss like those lit nights again,
No love will colour the dark blue pages again;
The hearts about to fade with age old love in vain,
Alone let me cry loud with you in the rain;
Let me cry with the stray dog of younger times,
Who was kicked up for just his passionate crimes.

Dead is my pen, my words
Dead is me, my heart.

Sifung is the first poem magazine of Jorhat Engineering College. It was a joint venture of Sri Achyut Baruah and Shekharan phukan. Achyut Baruah who is presently at the Tezpur University edited its first issue in 2009 with its other two charter members viz. Subhasis Chakravarthy and Hriday Deka.
The advisory head of this giant leap is the renowned teacher and the associate professor of JEC, Dr. Plabon Kakoti. The magazine was a massive hit with acclamations from all over Assam including the literal battle grounds of Guwahati University and Dibrugarh University.

The magazine was at first a Hostel V(JEC) initiative which was later surrendered to the entire JEC as its first poem magazine.

SIFUNG……….. the songs of JEC”